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Mayor of Riyadh discusses reasons of stumbled and delayed projects with provinces mayors of the region

His Excellency Mayor of Riyadh Region Eng. Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al Moqbel held meeting on Tuesday 18/11/1436 A.H. at the headquarters of Municipalities Affairs Secretariat of Riyadh Municipality with more than 20 mayors of provinces municipalities of Riyadh region and in the presence of HE the Under-Secretary for Municipalities affairs of the region Eng. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Askar and specialists in Secretariat, to discuss the progress for municipal projects being currently implemented ,and to develop an appropriate mechanism guarantees the implementation of these projects according to conditions and technical specifications and through the contracts to take advantage of them, and within its time plans.


His Excellency Mayor of Riyadh highlighted also during the meeting on delayed stumbled projects and discussed the  reasons of being stumbled and how to overcome them, where he explained that if there any obstacles ,  the Mayor must intervene  personally to resolve and terminate these obstacles, and if the reason is the failure of the contractor ,so regulations and laws cleared this side , he explained that municipalities are compiled to work according to these regulations and directives, which include the withdrawal of the project from the contractor, to be completed at his own expense, to ensure the benefit of it.


HE stressed on the importance of continuous follow-up by the mayor for these projects and submitting periodic reports to see how KPI's being improved, to take appropriate action on its light.


His Excellency Mayor of Riyadh Region also explained the tending mechanism for approved projects of next fiscal year 1436/1437 A.H. , to be on the first day of the declaration of the budget, to be the signing its contracts and delivery of its locations during the first quarter of the next fiscal year. At the end of the meeting, His Excellency stressed the mayors need to tighten the health control on all facilities related to public health and following-up on an ongoing basis, including restaurants ,buffets and slaughterhouses to their importance, and its reliance to citizens and residents health directly, also he stressed them to facilitate the citizens affairs and fixing their problems and applying the open-door policy by selecting daily working hours for the reception of the reviewers and end their procedures easily and conveniently.

11/10/2014 Media Center in Riyadh Region
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