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Ministry of Municipal Affairs directs for improvements in fuel stations

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has directed the regions municipalities, and its sub-municipalities, to tighten controls on fuel stations and service centers on regional roads in the Kingdom , aiming at improving the quality of service provided and to find cost-effective competitive environment.​

Ministry also stressed on the need to make necessary improvements on all the services and facilities of the gas stations and service centers, especially for mosques, toilets, and to raise a monthly report on the status of the stations located within the scope of each municipality, according to the Article 84 of the Regulations of fuel stations and service centers.

The ministry urged the stations owners of the categories "A and B" which arecurrently based for urgent hiring of qualified party for the stations' management , operation and maintenance and to make necessary improvements to all services in accordance with the technical and engineering conditions, in order to achieve integration between form and content of petrol stations and service centers, and support rating station on the location and size and the nature of the basic and optional services offered, through the distribution of stations and service centers geographically in order to ensure their optimal deployment inside the cities and provinces.​
4/20/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 5/13/2016 5:23 PM