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3 technical initiatives of "Riyadh Municipality" contribute in saving electric power

In framework of Riyadh Municipality’s efforts - represented in Lighting Maintenance Administration in General Administration of Operation and Maintenance - to work on saving electricity consumption, reducing its costs, and searching for untraditional solutions to achieve that goal, it has implemented several initiatives, through the use of solar cells in lighting and power generation, according to the latest specifications and high technologies. Riyadh Municipality is seeking to create number of projects in this field to feed loads of street lighting facilities by integration with electricity company network directly (On Grid).
Year of 2010 has witnessed the installation of 750 solar system units in Minerals Collection location (Scrap) on Dammam road far by 60 km from Riyadh, as an experiment to evaluate all elements (solar panels –LED lanterns - batteries).
 In 2013, Riyadh Municipality has worked to expand largely in this technology; where it has been implemented 3000 solar-based lighting units in several neighborhoods of the capital according to high-quality specifications.
Among the initiatives of Riyadh Municipality to save electricity power is: Working by remote control and monitoring system in lighting networks; where it has been installed 50,000 sensors on lampposts over stations, which is equivalent to 14% of lighting network volume using a (Plc) technology, which in turn transfers all data of lampposts, lanterns and stations to the main control center using (Gprs / Gsm) technology, as well as it has installed 1750 controller devices ,which is  equivalent to 88% of lighting network volume.
The advantages of the system include saving consumption of electricity power by 30%, also it has the ability to detect network lighting breakdowns instantly; the matter, which reduces maintenance and operation costs, and ability to determine and access the failure and fixing it instantly, in addition to control operation time and turning off the lighting stations.
Total of remote terminal units (RTU) in Riyadh is 1750 units, during the period from 2010 to 2016, while total units (Sensors) which have been installed  over lampposts during the past 3 years is 50,000 units.

In the same context, Riyadh Municipality has implemented lighting system using indicative lanterns by LED technology, which saves electricity power on average between 50-55%; where it has been changed 72,000 indicative lanterns, which are working by 2% of the total network lighting power. It is planned to reach targeted ratio of 43% from the network lighting power by the year of 2019.
Lanterns are considered environmentally friendly; where it does not generate any harmful emissions,  comfortable to eyes, and do not cause stress to vision whether for drivers or walking people, as well as it is characterized by life span which is up to 50,000 hours.
It is noteworthy that total of lanterns used in the Riyadh region reached 36,000 multi-ability lanterns (Sodiom- Mittal Hallid- Hg), where consumption in lighting network is 473 gigawatts per year, consuming 500,000 barrels of oil per year.

12/19/2016 Sabq Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 12/21/2016 1:51 PM