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Riyadh Municipality undertakes 17 communique against peddlers and seizes violated vehicle and folk house

Riyadh Municipality field teams undertook yesterday Thursday 16 various official communique from the population of the capital against the (Foreign peddlers) in different neighborhoods of the capital, who are practicing peddling in the streets, roads, squares and intersections of the capital.


Where Control Teams seized out dated folk house in Thaleem neighborhood used for the storage of fruits and vegetables, lacks to the lowest elements of Health Conditions in addition to seizing a violated vehicle of foreign peddler, and it has been delivered to the competent authorities.


while Municipality teams confiscated more than 17 violated rugs of selling accessories, imitated perfumes, nuts, unsourced food and other goods, as well as the confiscation of more than 1,500 carton boxes of fruits and vegetables, and large number of scales and vehicles that were used in the process of peddling, where all forfeitures have been delivered to charities according the followed regulations.


The participating teams removed more than (27) peddling locations in these neighborhoods and evacuated these locations completely, where  Cleanliness teams in Riyadh Municipality intensified their campaigns in those locations to clean up and clear the waste left behind the violated peddlers. It is noteworthy that Municipality Overall Control field Teams is operating its successive campaigns between now and then on foreign peddlers locations (Non-Saudis) in all neighborhoods of the capital in order to address these face this phenomenon.

11/12/2014 Media Center in Riyadh Municipality
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