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Riyadh Municipality closes 27 commercial establishment and confiscates corrupted meat and fish

Health teams in Riyadh Municipality closed yesterday Monday evening 27 facility in violation during the 4th regulatory corrective intensive campaign on commercial businesses related to environmental health to address all health violations in all neighborhoods in the capital.

Health teams stopped more than 56 workers in violation of health systems in a number of stores related to public health in different districts of the capital, where their violations varied between lack of health certificates or expired health certificates and the existence of satisfactory marks on their hands, in addition to they are not restricted by uniform during their work, and they  are not restricted by hygiene conditions.

Health Teams seized (172) health facility in violation with health requirements, after visiting more than 248 commercial establishments in several neighborhoods. As it has been confiscated 99 kilograms of unsourced meat, fish and poultry, which are not suitable for human consumption, in addition to (104) pieces of pots and tools which are unserviceable.

It is mentioned that Riyadh Municipality has allocated emergency center number 940 to report on all municipal violations.
4/19/2015 Media Center in Riyadh Municipality
Last Modified Date: 4/22/2015 2:48 PM