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Riyadh Municipality implements 15 administrative center projects include all government services

In 1419 AH, and through direction from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz - May God Save Him-, when he was Governor of Riyadh Region ,it has been started thinking in the implementation of administrative centers projects to standardize spatial scale for all service providers, to support and strengthen the decentralization of urban management in providing services to the residents of the capital ,which contributes in coordination between the various government agencies to bring services to the population and to ease the pressure of reviewers ,and taking into account the geographical expansion of Riyadh city.

In implementation of the precious directives, Riyadh Municipality has started to create a number of administrative centers in a step aiming to unify the administrative divisions of Riyadh city, and to support and enhance decentralization of urban management in providing services, through establishing 15 administrative centers in Riyadh city, and Riyadh Municipality is seeking to establish independent administrative center in each scope of Sub-Municipality to provide the repeated ,needed and related services for the residents of the city (Sub-Municipality, Police Station, notaries, Electricity Company Branch, Water Company Branch, Traffic Office, Immigration Department Branch, Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Commission Branch, Health Center, Civil Defense Branch, Civil Affairs Branch, Telecommunications Company Branch, Post Office and other services).

Riyadh city has been divided into 15 administrative centers , where scope of each Sub-Municipality includes an independent administrative center, which are (Rawda, Nassem, Sulai, Aziziya, Al Shifa, Ha'ir, Namar, Uraija’a, Erqa, Batha, Shimeisy, Malaz, Olaya, Ma’ther, Al Shammal) .

Administrative centers also contain investment buildings, which allow interested parties in providing services to centers beneficiaries to get benefit from these buildings.

6/21/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 8/9/2016 1:40 PM