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MOMRA prepares an total strategy for developing open areas

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has authorized a package of mechanisms to meet the needs of public facilities and services in regions and cities, to support urban development programs and provides the requirements of different service sectors projects.

During the year of 1438 AH ,Ministry stated that it has been prepared the urban planning system, which aims to unify and organize the planning process, in addition to conducting several studies, including urban-scale studies, studies of urban development priorities, and the preparation of a special study on slums in cities of Saudi Arabia, in order to rehabilitate them and eliminate them gradually.

Ministry pointed to the greater use of computer systems in finishing all approved plans’ procedures, and authorizing sites which are locating outside the urban boundary or outside development protection border, and completing development of planning standards for government services regarding the non-residential uses of land plots, and following up municipalities work with regard to authorizing plans electronically, as well as it has been developed methods and mechanisms related to coordinating aspects.

In the field of development projects, MOMRA has prepared a number of guidance to local plans  for Saudi villages and stages of urban development, and developing a system for the preparation of transportation plans to Saudi cities, and revising structural and local plans in the Kingdom in accordance with electronic network, in addition to a design of GIS system and its applications in Urban Information Center.
1/22/2017 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 1/26/2017 10:52 AM