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Entertainment Centers Projects for people with special needs

In the framework of Riyadh Municipality’s keenness to develop its services to all segments of society, specifically to the Riyadh city's residents with special needs, Riyadh Municipality has concluded to set up entertainment centers for this important segment to everyone very seriously, where municipality initially inaugurated the first entertainment center in Al Marwa district in the south of the city in 1430 AH, which is the first of its kind in the kingdom, which is characterized by providing many entertainment ,sports, social and cultural services to its relatives.

Reference to what has been observed of significant interaction by this segment in the center, Riyadh Municipality has worked to replicate the experience in another location, specifically in Al Ahmar district in the east of the city, where it is currently being setting up the second entertainment center, which it has been completed 54% of its works. 


These centers include several scientific, entertainment and healthy programs, with activities designed to foster the community interaction spirit and participation among its relatives, taking into account in design of these centers to take advantage of available services at its facilities, to create an interactive environment for its relatives in the society, by providing these such programs in an attractive entertainment and group competition and participation way.

The center consists of one floor main building, celebrations’ square, football playground, green areas and parking, where the main building contains 4 entrances, 2 entrances for men and 2 entrances for women,  4 gyms for men and women, and an Office of the Director of Men’s Section, and another for Director of Women's Section, Also there is multi-purposes hall and another halls for exercises and warming up. The center also contains a library ,Computer corner , external and internal W.C.s, ,external umbrella and outdoor basketball playground.

11/22/2016 Media and PR Administration in Riyadh Municipality
Last Modified Date: 11/27/2016 11:52 AM