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The conclusion of activities of the Latest Developments in Tunneling Course

Yesterday Tuesday, it has been concluded the training course activities of (The Latest Developments of Tunneling), which organized by ITACET Foundation under the sponsorship of the Mayor of Riyadh Region over 3 days in Twaiq Palace in Riyadh.


Experts from France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia participated its lectures, and attended by 250 engineers from specialists in Tunneling engineering, manufacturing and maintenance and infrastructure services from more than 36 government organization, contracting companies and consultancy offices.


Eng. Khalaf Bin Zaar Al Dalbhi, Director General of Studies and Designs in Riyadh Region Municipality explained in a speech at the course activities conclusion that this course is part of a series of courses and workshops sponsored by the Municipality to develop and rehabilitate the engineers working in Municipality and its involved municipalities to take advantage of global developments in various fields of engineering, where speakers of organizations and institutions in this course are from the best global experience houses.


Indicating that course discussed the tunneling projects in the holy sites in Mecca which have the concern of the state to provide the means of comfort to holy sites visitors ,where international experts praised the tunneling projects in Mecca  from the design, implementation and maintenance sides, whether in terms of roads tunnels or pedestrian ways.


He added that it has been focused on the best international standards for the planning and design of tunnels for Public Road and Transportation projects, infrastructure services , methods of implementation and advanced drilling equipment, which contributed to the expansion in the implementation of the tunnels projects on the global level, especially in cities which have high traffic density or differing elevations presence of mountains and highlands and other , as well as the work and equipment of maintenance and rehabilitation of existing tunnels and its development.


He added that during the final debate, it has become clear that tunnels projects witness scientific and technical progress, and its implementation witness rapid growing on the global level.


In conclusion the attendants gave their thanks to H.E. Eng. Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al Moqbel, Mayor of Riyadh region for his sponsorship for this important training session, where it has been honored the speaker experts and they have been handed over their participation certificates.

11/17/2014 Media Center in Riyadh Municipality
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