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Riyadh Municipality provides its municipal services through Meras portal

Riyadh Municipality has provided several key services through Meras portal on internet ,which has been launched by executive Committee to improve business performance in private sector (Taysir) ,aiming to help start commercial businesses during one day.

This comes in framework of Riyadh Municipality’s efforts to facilitate beneficiaries' access to municipal services and in line with Kingdom's Vision 2030 aiming at enabling private sector to play a main role in the national economy.

Riyadh Municipality enabled users through Meras portal to apply for professional licenses and building permits using national identity or commercial registry, including sub-services of professional licenses, like issuing and renewing licenses and lost or damaged replacement, along with transfer of ownership and cancelation of license, inquiry about activity practice location, modification of license, modification of commercial name, immediate issuance of licenses and other services.

Beneficiaries can apply for sub-services of building permits, which include contracting with design office to issue a building permit, canceling the contract with design office, issuing a renovation permit, issuing a demolition permit, issuing a fencing license, issuing a lost or damaged replacement for a building permit, issuance of building completion certificate, ownership transfer of building and fencing permits, and request for surveying services for a variety of purposes, including retailing, modification of lengths and separation.

Riyadh Municipality provided also query services for professional license, building licenses and their applications. It provides access to application status , its attachments and details of control visits, in addition to licenses printing  feature through entering the application number instead of printing it in municipality ,including valid , cancelled and transferred licenses, as well as completing required attachments, and inquiry about invoices and irregularities issued and clarifying its details.

Riyadh Municipality enabled beneficiaries in the Meras Center from issuing ,renewing or cancelling a mobile vehicle license, in addition to road service applications, including the establishment and removal of industrial bumps, paving of dirt roads, maintenance of roads and pavements and their implementation, drilling and Land subsidence  treatment, guidance and caution signs boards, studying intersections status, Street lighting and maintenance, with the possibility of asking the beneficiary about the status of all applications for provided road services.

Riyadh Municipality’s provision of municipal services through Meras platform is part of its efforts to provide its services through multiple platforms that facilitate beneficiaries' access to the service and contribute in improving quality of services in municipal sector.
1/23/2019 Saudi News Agency (WAS)
Last Modified Date: 2/26/2019 12:03 PM