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MOMRA carries out a technical study to follow up the application of Saudi Building Code

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has revealed the start of a detailed technical study to follow up the application of Saudi Building Code requirements, which includes the preparation of scientific programs and methodology for Saudi Building Code’s application, and guidelines for specialists in municipalities and sup-municipalities to facilitate the application of this national code, in order to maintain the real estate wealth ,and to achieve the best investment revenues.

Ministry cleared that it will discuss the visions and feedback of municipalities regarding the followed procedures and mechanisms to implement Saudi Building Code, and its integration with the issuance of building permits, stressing that General Administration of Building Code has provided a number of specialists to train municipalities’ employees to implement Saudi Building Code.

MOMRA noted to the permanent and continuing participation represented in Technical Affairs Agency in meetings of the National Committee of Saudi Building Code and Consultancy Committee, as well as administrative, Executive and Technical committee (Buildings Team) in Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency. 

In addition to the participation of General Administration of Building Code in technical teams (Sanitary Ware, Aluminum, Glass, and Cement) in Saudi Authority for Standards, Metrology and Quality.
1/24/2017 Sabq Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 2/5/2017 11:31 AM