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Riyadh ranked within the World's Highest Group

We work and endeavor for our homeland, waiting for no one to appreciate or reward us. This is our duty, our religion, our aim and our faith in serving the entire nation, including its people and its custodians. 

But we care to know the outcomes of our efforts, what we lack and our creativities and shortages, which could be obtained by perusing some evaluation studies in this regard, especially When such studies conducted by specialized centers and entities that are recognized for their neutrality and independence. Indeed the fallouts of their studies will certainly benefit massively. 

It is not about getting praise or compliment, but learning from others’ past and distinguished experience, and recognizing, sustaining and expanding our progress areas.

A United Nations-sponsored Survey, evaluating the electronic government for a large number of municipalities throughout the world, reveals that Riyadh has been ranked 30 in a pioneered evaluation Survey to enhance urban resilience and sustainability. 

I am fully aware that there were many world municipalities that participated by submitting their data, figures and achievements. With Riyadh stepping into this circle is a challenge per se determined and beaten by Riyadh Municipality, as it seeks to define the certainty of their achievements and learn from the others about its slips to correct them and its returns to maximize them. 

Even if Riyadh Municipality has been ranked the last, I personally consider this an achievement because it crossed the threshold of the annual or periodic evaluation, accordingly, its efforts will be internationally evaluated in comparison with its counterparts from municipalities of the world capitals rather than promoting its work in books and media shows. 

This Survey and this 30th rank do not satisfy our ambition nor reflect our actual objective. 

We will accept nothing less than the first of all, however, we as well have a considerable amount of knowledge and experience that makes us cautious in judging the results without knowing the criteria and terms of reference for the studies. 

Some cities and municipalities have what qualifies them in the field of Survey itself to exceed the others, and some of them made a remarkable progress. Nevertheless, we managed to be enlisted and occupied the 30th rank, and I believe with great optimism and confidence that the center will progress and will work its way up. 

The journey is challenging but strongly possible. With 2030 Vision, the National Transformation Program and the Riyadh Municipality leadership, weaponized by the renewed Saudi young spirit, ascension is inevitable, Allah welling.

Upon perusing the terms of reference and results of the Survey, whereas the cities have been divided into four groups; high, medium, small and weak, Riyadh was enlisted within the high group, but in the overall Survey, there were cities surpassed or regressed. 

The concept of e-government is about facilitation and keep pace with modernity with positive renovated spirit. We cannot argue that we are among debutants in that field, nonetheless, since we have been already enlisted, I urge to hold for irreplaceable Saudi superiority that we are accustomed to.

I read the statements of the Municipality, through its Deputy-Mayor, Engr. Suleiman bin Hamad Al-Bathy, who said that our rank within the high group was not a coincidence, but as a result of long planning, exerted efforts and presets, and these accomplishments would not have been topped with global competitiveness without the endless supervision and support of our Custodians, as well as the part of HE Eng. Tariq bin Abdul Aziz Al-Faris, who established and developed the concept of professional institutions in work, and thus provided opportunities for all Municipality staff to contribute, work and innovate. 

As the ex officio Mayor of Riyadh Region, he always emphasized that the emirate of Riyadh, represented by HE the prince and his deputy, is the major supporter of the Municipality. 

As well, all emphasized on the role of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in supporting the e-government march for Riyadh to become as a beacon for all municipalities of cities and villages of the Kingdom.

All this work, cooperation and tireless efforts that encouraged me to peruse the statements of the Director General of the e-Government Program (Yesser), Eng. Ali Bin Nasser Al-Assiri, in which he reaffirmed that Riyadh success in meeting more than half of the Survey criteria is due to all efforts coordinated within the framework of support provided by the Custodians, and it is planned, as per the 2030 Vision, to reach with three Saudi cities to the most intelligent cities in the world.
7/24/2018 Riyadh Daily
Last Modified Date: 9/11/2018 11:53 AM