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940 Emergency Center receives reports of rainwater gatherings locations

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has directed municipalities and sub-municipalities of the regions and provinces to be fully prepared and ready for the rainy season and torrents of this year ,and to take all procedures and precautions to implement the plans of facing rainwater and torrents ,to preserve the lives and properties. 

Ministry also directed to follow up the degree of readiness and efficiency of rainwater drainage networks, and periodic maintenance procedures  of drainage sinks in tunnels, bridges, and canals and removing any obstacles may exist in, as well as cleaning up valleys within the border scope of each municipality, and preparing all machinery, equipment and field teams to avoid the dangers of rain and torrents in all cities and provinces of the Kingdom, according to the preset emergency plans, which includes accurate data of the most vulnerable locations for rainwater and torrents.

Ministry's directives to municipalities and sub-municipalities included the necessity of coordination with all relevant authorities and government bodies in dealing with the rainwater and torrents dangers, and what damage may resulting from ,through the civil defense committees in all regions.

 The ministry stressed in its directives on the importance of activating the Unified Emergency Center "940" 24/7, to monitor all developments and changes resulting from the rainfalls, and communicating with all relevant authorities, including Meteorology and Environmental Protection, and Civil Defense, to speed up the deployment of field teams and units equipped with equipment and machinery in the most vulnerable locations to rainwater and torrents, and the quick response with all related reports and complaints.
11/27/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 11/27/2016 2:14 PM