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Ministry of Municipalities launches "Mater" system for early planning in the prediction of rainfall

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has launched the Mater system to support proper decision-making, early rainfall planning and flood forecast in all regions of the Kingdom, 17 Secretariat and 268 municipalities by applying unique technology in accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts A municipal service system to get their equipment on time to areas with water basins.

This system is the first of its kind in the Arab region, helps decision-makers take the right decision and early planning for strong and severe weather conditions, especially rainfall, preventing human and material losses as much as possible, raw and raw data are received from air stations, satellites and regional and global meteorological stations via a cloud platform of a specialized company, then the modeling of raw weather data and the application of equations and algorithms to relevant information with high accuracy.

The Mater system is characterized by a control panel that displays an extensive prediction of flood hazards within 5 days, colored in accordance with the degree of danger. In case of yellow or red hazards, the detailed hourly hour overview of the same area is available simultaneously. The weather is an hour clock for the next 5 days colored in three colors "green, yellow, red" and contains weather elements of weather phenomena, temperature degrees Celsius, wind direction and speed, Relative humidity.

It is also advantageous to obtain written explanatory forecasts and written flyer warnings. The Mater team compiles written and written forecasts for 286 municipalities and municipalities in the Kingdom with the aim of explaining the weather situation.

The system provides a comprehensive overview of the expectations in the coming days for all municipalities of the secretariat, with an extensive prediction of the risks of flooding and rainwater pools within the next 5 days colored by the degree of danger "Green, yellow and red "; critical parts of municipalities can be viewed via the weather map.

The Mater system provides direct satellite imagery, providing access to direct satellite images of the Kingdom, as well as an approach to the visibility of cities and towns, and provides radar data for the glacier, showing where and how the rain clouds move and the system works both languages ​​Arabic and English, and can be performed on computers or smartphones by the application of "Mater" available in electronic stores exclusively for professionals from the municipal sector.

The Mater system also offers direct call service 24 hours a day with the air forecasters and system experts, so that specialists from the secretariats and municipalities can communicate via the direct call service in the system "contact us" or through the application of "Watsab", next to Dat the system notification service provides for the system "Mater", which allows users of the application of the system, "Mater" for smart devices, the latest updates important to their regions, where the system application shares reports classified in 3 main colors, "green, yellow and red".

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs pointed out that the parameters of the Mater system are colored according to the color of the range. Green means that there is no danger or expectation of the formation of the floods and that the predicted precipitation is 0 to 5 mm / h; The average rainfall is 6 to 15 mm / hour, the red indicates that the floods are very likely, action must be taken and the expected rainfall is more than 15 mm / hour. The geographical character of each municipality.
10/28/2018 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 1/3/2019 1:23 PM