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"Riyadh Municipality" launches “Inspection Robot" to check and monitor torrents drainage network

In the framework of intensive preparations carried out by Riyadh Municipality represented in the General Administration of Operation and Maintenance to face the rainy season in Riyadh, Riyadh Municipality has revealed its last means of keeping up with modern technology in maintenance works  of torrents drainage networks, through using inspection machine, which is equipped with the latest modern technology systems.

The machine’s features include inspecting torrents drainage network and evaluation through high resolution camera, ability to determine issues locations and examining defects, checking construction status of channels and pipes from inside meticulously, as well as revealing longitudinal and lateral cracks , checking landslides inside channels and pipes and encroachments on torrents network, besides the ability to determine blockages and landings.

Inspection machine contains the latest cutting-edge devices, the most notably is "Robot" which has a high ability to inspect and monitor torrents network, provided by high-resolution front camera, and characterized by the possibility of spinning 360 degrees, as its advanced contents include "Remote Control" unit which is integrated with  wireless system, as well as inspection robot to examine and control tubes, which includes an automatic moveable cable of length of 300 meters.

In a related context, the operational programs of the machine are  based on the latest systems in inspection and control, and generating printed and visual reports, in addition it also has the ability to analyze , evaluate and process data.
12/8/2016 Sabq Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 12/12/2016 2:38 PM