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  • National Museum
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    The National Museum is a tourist hotspot in Riyadh given its magnificent interior design and superb outer square. Its structure combines both traditional Saudi style and modern architecture as per the latest international museums standards. The museum highlights Arabia since its early historical ages to the modern day. It lays out the development and growth phases that Saudi Arabia has endured. The museum houses eight galleries, some of them are equipped with audio visual means. These galleries showcase the history of Saudi Arabia, its unification, Arab kingdoms, Islamic history in Arabia, and human civilization in the region. These galleries also house a collection of sculptures, movable and immovable antiquities. No visit to Riyadh is complete without a visit to this museum. It is definitely a ‘must’ in order to find out more about the Saudi history and the culture of Arabia. This will serve as a steppingstone and offers visitors an opportunity to interact with the present day Saudi Arabia.  Museum Components :Main HallExhibition Galleries – Eight in total including permanent exhibitionsTemporary exhibition gallery and one hall for future expansionAdministrative OfficesTechnical facilities, including,Storage for collectionsresearch facilitieslaboratoriesThe presentations in each of the eight galleries are divided based on a particular theme: Arabian Peninsula,  nature, human being, culture, political, and religious, right down to the development of Saudi Arabia through its Three phases of Saudi States. Museum Galleries Man and the UniverseArabian KingdomsPre-Islamic Era (Jahiliyah)Prophetic MissionIslam and ArabiaFirst and Second Saudi StatesUnification of SaudiHajj and Two Holy MosquesAddress: King Abdulaziz Historical Center – Morabba’ District, Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaTel: 4029500 – fax: 4030306Email:  For more information kindly visit the museum website: 
  • Al-Moraba Palace
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    ​Al-Moraba Historical Palace is featured by nostalgic touches of Saudi Art ,which is a beautiful painting of a stage of the Kingdom stages, it is one of historical museums which makes you feel when he enter its gates that you are travelling on a journey a cross time.
​​Source : ​​​Saudi Tourism​​​
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