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  • Eco-friendly Roads
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    There is a 43 kilometer-long and 6-9 meter-wide motorway starting from Sud Al-Elb in Dir'iyah to the north to Mansuriyah Road. It has been placed as a side road running along the center of the valley, i.e., adjacent to the services road. It does not run through the center as a precautionary measure to protect the road from floods. Moreover, 22 bridges and crossing have been constructed where the road and channel intersect.​
  • Open Parks
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    There are six open parks, which are Sud Al-Elb Park, Sud Wadi Hanifa Park, Bio Treatment Park in Otaiqah, Sud Park, Factories Lake Park and Lake Park.​
  • International Awards
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    The environmental rehabilitation of Wadi Hanifa has won many awards. The comprehensive plan for the development of Wadi Hanifa won the Water Center Award in Washington, D.C., USA, as the best plan for the development of water resources in the world for the year 2003. It also won Foundation International Award for Vital Communities in London, Britain in 2007, and the World’s Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2010.​
  • Landscape along the Valley
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    The valley has been landscaped with trees, bushes and desert herbs suitable for re-vegetation of the valley. A total of 30,000 desert trees have been planted in the middle of the valley, and about 7,000 palm trees  were planted along hiking areas and pathways. Another 2,000 desert trees have been moved from desolate areas in the valley and exchanged with plants that grow naturally by moving them from thick shrubby areas and re-planting them in desolated areas and 42,000 trees have been planted via seeding and cultivation.​
  • Continuous Flow Water Channel
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    It has been designed in the form of an open trench in the middle of the valley and it is relatively wide with a depth of 1.5 meters. The channel follows the natural tendency of the valley from the north to the south, and is fed continuous water through various tributaries and subset channels in  reefs. It extends from Irqah in the north to the lakes of Hayer to the south.The channel adds aesthetic and entertaining elements to the valley and contributes to increasing the vegetation over time in the valley and the recovery of its wildlife. It has rock formations within the stream of water working as natural weirs. There are 38 weirs working to control and increase the speed and flow of water. Their locations were  chosen at suitable lengths to ensure permanent water purification in the valley.
​​Source : ​​​Saudi Tourism​​​
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