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About Arqa Sub-Municipality: ​

  1. Population: 45.751 inhabitants.​
  2. Total Area: 147 km.


Municipality Scope:

Arqa Municipality includes the following neighborhoods:
  1. Tuwaiq Neighborhood
  2. Mahdia Neighborhood
  3. Arqa Neighborhood
  4. Dharat Laban Neighborhood
  5. Al-Khuzama Neighborhood

It is bordered from:
  1. North: Bait lahem Street - Wadi Hanifa Street - Mountains and Bin Shoaib highlands
  2. South: Jeddah road
  3. East: King Khalid Road
  4. West: the borders of Hematet Al-Tanmiya
Last Modified Date: 1/27/2015 2:57 PM
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