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About Dir'iya Sub-Municipality

Dir'iya Municipality founded in the early of 1392, and its building established on 7000 m2 to accommodate the different departments in that period.

The geographical location of the city:

It is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula between latitudes of 24.6 - 25.1 degrees to the north ,and between longitudes of 46 - 26.5 degrees to the east on plateau region, which is a part of the Grand Najd plateau, it is located on height ranges from 650 to 1,000 meters above sea level, and it is characterized by its location to the northwest of Riyadh city, its homes are distributed on the banks of Wadi Hanifa and its tributaries extend between Ghosaibah in the north and Al-Molaybeed in the south, and walled by its ancient fence with its fortifications and mud towers.


The number of residents has reached more than (100,000) people.

The number of centers and villages served by the Sub-Municipality:

(2) are Al-Ammaria and Sultana.​


Dir'iya province area is about 2016 km2, which represents about 0.54% of the total area of Riyadh region.​

Urban-scale borders of Sub-Municipality:

  1. North: Borders of Horaimela’a province.
  2. South: Shoaib Al-Moghterah.
  3. Middle: King Khaled Road.
  4. West: Borders of Dherma’a province.
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