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Discover Riyadh
The city of Riyadh is both a modern metropolis and a historical and cultural treasure. Its characteristics are diverse, that range from the shimmering golden sand dunes, to modern shopping malls, distinctive heritage and cultural sites to urban construction panaches. Such diversity makes Riyadh city the core of life and vitality in the Kingdom.​
  • Riyadh and the Surrounding areas
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    Due to the strategic location of Riyadh, it has a rich and varied history that reflects the influences of many cultures and civilizations that were established in the region.Visitors to Riyadh can travel through time and explore the most beautiful heritage and cultural sites here. For example, the historical Dir'iyah is one of the "World Heritage sites" that embraces the history of the Kingdom through its ancient buildings, old castles and historic villages such as Al  Ghat Heritage Village. There are also many magnificent landscapes and natural environments to enjoy, such as Wadi Hanifa, which is by all means the most interesting natural site in Riyadh​.
  • Historical Area
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    ​The rich history of Riyadh can be discovered and experienced through its many museums, castles and other historical landmarks. The history of this diverse city spans across thousands of years and tells millions of stories from the beginning of time. Riyadh is truly a remarkable blend of the past, present and the future.​
  • Diriyah
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    ​​​Founded in 1446 by Maani Al Muraidi, an ancestor of the Saudi royal family, Dir’iya served as the capital of the first Saudi state from 1744 to the early 1800s. The city is a very popular tourist destination and it features a variety of fascinating places to discover. These include the Turaif district (the place of government and the ruling family), which is a World Heritage Site and includes a number of magnificent buildings, the Salwa Palace, the house of money and other huge mud constructions.Other places of interest include the Guest House and the At-Turaif Bath House, courtyards, a mosque and more.
  • Wadi Hanifah
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    ​​Wadi Hanifah is a popular tourist destination for those who want to go hiking and spend a relaxing day in the clean, wide-open spaces. There are various scenic views, and numerous natural formations and environmental elements. Such elements include Sud Al-Elb Park, Sud Wadi Hanifa Park, Stone Dam Park, Factories Lake Park, and the Jaz’ah Lake Park. All of these facilities are equipped with seating for hikers, pedestrian walkways and parking areas.​
  • The Janadriyah Festival
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    This annual festival includes events reflecting the Kingdom’s heritage through visuals and sounds. It is held at a location that includes a theater, exhibition halls and modular buildings representing architectural heritage for all the cities in the Kingdom. This festival is the best occasion to learn about the Kingdom’s folklore. The festival is accompanied by activities and events held all over the city of Riyadh. Janadriyah festival is organized in the autumn, when the weather is moderate. It starts usually with the traditional camel race. Traditional and heritage craft and products are displayed, and there are folk musical performances that are influenced by the Bedouins and foreign pilgrims.​
  • Tourism Activities
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    Riyadh is a vibrant city with an endless list of activities to do and places to see. From adventures and sports, antiquities to sightseeing, shopping malls to markets, there are opportunities here for everyone, no matter what your interest is.
  • King Fahad Library and Park
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    ​​It is located in Olaya, the city’s active shopping center, on an area of 32,000 square meters. It is characterized with a beautiful design divided by a water stream and fountains. There are playgrounds available for children. It is considered as one of the most popular parks in Riyadh.​
  • Tahlia Street
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    Tahlia Street is one of the most important streets in the city of Riyadh. Lined with shops, malls and a variety of international restaurants, Tahliya Street is a very busy and popular market area that has everything you need, including numerous well-known Saudi Arabian brands and products.​
  • Saudi Aviation Club
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    It is the first of its kind in the Kingdom and it is based in Riyadh. It is currently being developed to include multiple activities, and mainly gliding and parachuting. Moreover, it is being prepared for the establishment of a specialized institute to train hobbyists. The club is based in the entertainment suburb of Thumamah that lies in the north-east to the city of Riyadh.​
  • Salam Park
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    It is one of the finest and newest parks located in the heart of Riyadh. It features a large lake with fairytale lighting and fountains, a range of playgrounds, green spaces and recreational play areas inside the park. It is located in the center of Riyadh south to the Governance Palace on Tariq ibn Ziyad Street.​
  • Nahdha Park
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    It is located in the Rabwah district in Riyadh and it formed as an island in the middle of the Nahda street. It is 8 km long and 75 meters wide making it the longest of its kind in the Kingdom. It contains jogging tracks and pedestrians paths for walking and running.The Park is divided into two sections, a section for families and  the other for singles.  It features a lot of seating places, various playgrounds, variety of children's play areas, as well as ample parking places.
  • Riyadh Zoo
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    Riyadh zoo is one of the oldest and largest zoos in the country. Zoo visitors will enjoy to view and discover a variety of animals from all continents throughout the world. There are seating areas suitable for families, and a range of shops, restaurants and leisure activities for fun for kids and adults. The Zoo is located in the Al-Malaz district, in the center of Riyadh, on the Al-Ahsa Street (Pepsi Cola street).
  • Golf Club
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    This Golf Club is in the southwest of Riyadh, in the suburb of Dirab district, and it includes small courses that have been designed with the most modern of course features and plantings. Monthly golf championships are held here. Other facilities include a swimming pool, tennis court, horse riding, polo, and camping.
  • Al Ghat Heritage Village
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    Al Ghat Heritage Village tells the story of past heritage. The palace of the Emirate is an architectural masterpiece that has adapted the Islamic style of architecture. Moghairan historical castle on the west bank of Marakh valley is a site that contains many inscriptions and carved rock art dating back to the period between 900 BC - 400 AD.
  • Shopping Malls
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    ​We invite yu yo visit our shopping centers and malls, which open its doors to offer you the best products from all brands, which satisfy your needs.
  • National Museum
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    ​Dear visitor, as you step into the museum, you will be led into the hall of history of man and time through a well-organized presentation of antiquities, documents, manuscripts and documentary films since the beginning of the creation of the universe to the modern era. As you move through the eight halls of the museum, you will learn about the Arabian Peninsula through historical displays and architectural design that is arranged in a chronological order. The National Museum is located in the center of King Abdulaziz Historical Center in Riyadh’s Al-Morabba neighborhood.The museum’s exhibits explore the history of the Arabian Peninsula from its earliest beginnings to present day. It also tells the story of the Kingdom and its stages of development and growth. Different halls have been designed to showcase the history and unification of Saudi Arabia, the Arabian kingdoms, Islam in the Arabian Peninsula and man. These halls include a range of models and movable and immovable relics. National Museum is one of the most important museums in the Kingdom and a destination not to be missed.
  • Thumamah
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    The first survey was conducted thirty-two years ago, showing that the Aredh (Najd) area has witnessed a sophisticated civilization during the Neolithic period (8000 years ago). Houses and settlement are spread all around Thumamah on the banks of the valleys, and on the slopes of the mountains. In addition, there appeared a large group of stone tools testifying to the great skill of artisan and manufacturers of the period.
  • Your visit to Masmak Palace, which is located in Riyadh downtown, City center, will take you back to the dawn of the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here, you can watch a documentary film which tells the story of the beginning of the unification of the Kingdom, and learn more about the architectural style of the mansion, as well as many artifacts displayed within.
  • (Darah) King Abdulaziz Foundation
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    King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives was founded in 1392H / 1972 CE. by a Royal decree to serve the history of Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Arab and Islamic world. It is located in the heart of King Abdulaziz Historical Center in the Morabba neighborhood in Riyadh. It is managed by a Board of Directors chaired by King Salman bin Abdulaziz. Darah serves the historical sources, makes it available for researchers and publishes specialized versions. King Abdulaziz Memorial Hall and Morabba’ Palace are next to Darah, which are open to visitors. Darah contains a number of scientific centers including, History of Makkah Center, Medina Research and Studies Centre, Royal Family’s History Documention Center, Arab Gulf and East of the Arabian Peninsula History Center in Dammam, Red Sea and West of the Arabian Peninsula History Center, Sara As-Sudairi Center for Research on Saudi Women, and the Historical Geographic Information Systems Center. In Darah, there are specialized sections for documents, restoration, manuscripts, historical photos and films, research and publication, a library and oral history. There is also a special section for female researchers.
  • Museums
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    ​Riyadh area abounds with many historical monuments and heritage museums ,which have been developed and processed to contain the most beautiful collections that represent civilizations that came to the region to open its doors for visitors and tourists.
  • Golden Desert and Tuwaiq Mountain
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    Sand dunes that blew and gathered by the wind in scattered locations, project golden shades of breathtaking landscapes where unique desert sports and desert camping can be enjoyed. If you are adventurous, climb up a sand dune in your 4x4 vehicles and practice the sport of Tat'ees (dune bashing). You can also enjoy the beauty of the Arabian horses, and camel caravans, and climb the Tuwaiq mountain and behold the panoramic expanse and splendorous beauty around you. Standing atop, if you look to the west, the vibrant desert colors that melt into the horizon will mesmerize you.
  • Traditional Cuisines
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    If you are now savoring the most delicious Saudi dishes in the Kingdom, it means you are in the capital city Riyadh. The three main meals start here with a breakfast on a bright morning, consisting of dates, delicious breads, yoghurt, and Arabic coffee, made of the best coffee beans in the world. At noon, the lunch is served that might contain Marqouq; a dish consisted of dough and meat, Matazeez, Qursan, or Jereesh.  For the dinner, you can choose among thousands of most popular delicious dishes in the Province.​
  • Folklore
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    Visitors to Riyadh region can watch and participate in many types of popular arts (folk art) that reflects the culture of the local population. Al Ardhah is a Najdi folkloric dance, which is the pride of Saudi Arabia. Ardah was performed before going to war in Najd region, but nowadays it is done at celebrations or cultural events, weddings and festivals. There are other types of folk dances and music, such as Samri, Ghina and Rad.
  • Traditional Dress
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    Clothes of people in Riyadh are simple and are designed to suit the climate. In summer, the wear is loose and flowing to absorb heat and in winter, people in Riyadh wear clothes made of wool. “Thobe”, which is a floor-length tunic, is the formal dress for men. It is bright white in summer, worn with Shamagh (a scraff), Taqiyah (skullcap) and Eqal (headband). On certain occasions, men wear Bisht (loose dark embroidered cloak). Women in Riyadh wear “Abaya”, a robe-like dress, when outdoors.
  • It is located in the south-west of Najd, between a mountain range of Twaiq to the west as an external low shelf of an extended plain. It is about 312 km away from Riyadh. Al-Oyoon site is among its important archeological sites, and it is about 18 km away from Layla. It contains the remains of a settlement covered with a lot of pottery leftovers, cemeteries and irrigation systems dating back to the early Hellenistic Period.
  • Barmah Cave
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    ​​​The cave is situated at a distance of 66 km northeast of Riyadh. Many inscriptions are found craved on the rock surfaces in the cave.  Due to their importance, SCTH specialists have reproduced over 15 of these inscriptions, of which the oldest one dates back to around 2,400 years ago.​
  • Bejadiyah
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    ​​​It is located 68 km west of Dawadmi. Dilapidated ruins, a number of Thamudic inscriptions and various pottery remains were found on the site. Also some iron ore bits were detected, which indicates that the settlement was near an iron mine site.
  • Safaqah
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    Located southeast of Dawadmi, 280 km from Riyadh, an area surrounded by small mountains and low edges and valleys dotted by stone tools and flakes and axes and industrial waste, signifies to a settlement dating back to a period between Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages.
  • Al-Baydhatain Mountain
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    ​​​It is an archaeological site representing a small hill, situated about 13 km southwest of Dawadmi. Traces of ancient settlements were found near its base. Pictographs of animals and Thamudic writings engraved on the rock interface were detected.
  • tasneef1​
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​​Reference: ​​​Saudi Tourism WebSite​​​​​​​​
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